Rochadesign is a freelance graphic designer that works with groups of typefaces, colours, materials, formats, solutions and people, with experience in the fields of graphic identity, branding & packaging and editorial design.


Hi, I’m Tiago Rocha. I’m an indepedent hardworking freelancer always looking forward on a unique opportunity for a unique and promising personal development, based in Aveiro, Portugal.

Graduated in Communication & Multimedia, I began my freelancing career as a graphic designer in 2017 managing to work on a few projects for small businesses.

At the moment I’m in a Masters Degree in Design at Universidade de Aveiro and working as a freelancer alongside, speacializing in projects of Branding & Packaging.

Rochadesign was created in 2019, a project that arose from a desire to provide a more global and effective profession response to clients.


On a daily basis, I look forward on earning unique experiencies and also expand my knowledge in all that surrounds graphic design, branding, packaging and editorial design and the subjects that are adjacent to them.

Moved by a motto of delivering and implementing quality strategies into brands that will revolutionize and improve their presence, turning their language into visual will guarantee a lot more interaction with their clients transcending any language barriers.

I believe in aesthetic and functional design, synthetic and minimalist, that communicates, organises and excites. I believe that design has to be based on objetive criteria and, at the same time, to carry a style of its own.


My Objetives

My objective is not only to create visually stunning designs, but to create solutions that will enable our clientes to become better versions of their brand and themselves. Working closely with clients in unison, I craft purposeful ideas and thoughtful solutions across all disciplines.

While personally, my objetive is to finish my Masters Degree to be able to expand my knowledge and technique and become an expertise in everything that surrounds the Design Subject.